It may be winter outside

Today we went for a walk en famille in Kensington Gardens. It has become a regular weekend habit as one can always guarantee a veritable cornucopia of ‘giggies’ (doggies) to send the Minx into paroxysms of delight.
It was bitterly cold with a biting wind, but the sun was glorious, the sky was a clear, crisp blue and the Serpentine was (honestly) the same colour as the Aegean. To cap it all we met a very nice dog called Myrtle, who let the Minx stroke her ears, and bumped into our lovely Australian friends and their baby, of whom the Minx is inordinately fond and whom she likes to cuddle rather viciously.
After coffee at Island (this was not, in truth, a very strenuous walk), we took the Minx for her first ever go on the swings (a big hit), watched an immense ochre sun set behind Kensington Palace, and admired the profusion of snowdrops and crocuses in every hidden corner of the park. Finally, spring really has nearly sprung.


  1. Camilla says

    Shame on you! How can the Minx be ONE before she’s allowed her first go on the swings?
    If nothing else, you’ve missed a trick.If child is securely strapped in, and there’s a carefully positioned park bench to hand, you can read all of the Sunday supplements while stretching out a foot to push every so often. Yes, I KNOW…you loved all the giggling and tickling as she swung towards you…it’ll change!
    Jaded Yummy Mummy

  2. says

    The Minx is ONE because, in case you haven’t noticed, it has been bollock-freezingly cold out there and I have had absolutely no intention of sitting out on a park bench – Sunday supplements or not Sunday supplements.
    And anyway isn’t it the sort of thing that er, Tasty Daddies should be doing while Yummy Mummies are curled up at home IN BED reading the Sunday supplements?

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