Charm bracelets

The Husband is not renowned for his initiative in the present-buying department; much preferring the tried-and-tested, ‘ring-all the-things-you-want-in-the-catalogue/magazine’ method (a direct precursor of the mirror mirror wishlist).

However amongst other things on Valentines Day he bought me Charmed Bracelets by Tracey Zabar which he had chosen all by himself. Can you be divorced for being patronising, I wonder? It is an utterly charming (!) book, full of good ideas about putting together a collection of charms and of course lots of scrumptious pictures.

As you may have gathered, mirror mirror has a bit of a thing about charm bracelets and I used to long for one full of miniature delights as a child. So on reading the book, it occurred to me that it would be lovely to put one together over the years for the Minx. To start off with I’d like to buy a baby shoes charm to celebrate her first steps, a cat charm to celebrate her first word, a dog charm because she is so fond of them and maybe some garnets since they are her birthstones.

Which is where you (lot? few?) come in. I need advice. I’d like to create something a bit like the bracelet you can see here (though with fewer photo charms) – heavy and rattly and colourful, incorporating enamel and stones rather than just plain metal charms, but I hardly know where to begin. Should it be silver or gold? Will gold get too expensive? Can you get colourful silver charms or do they tend to be plain? Where can I source vintage charms? (I’ve got my eye on some cute little golden shoes on eBay at the moment). Can I get special charms made?

Of course we must all hope that fashion’s going through a boho phase when the time comes to present it to her, as I can just imagine her rolling her eyes in teenage horror at my quaint, old-fashioned, ideas.

(The Husband has just asked whether we will be buying commemorative charms in the shape of a tiny spliff, a tiny scowling face, a tiny tube of glue etc.)


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