Things I Am Loving : Demakersvan Lace Fence


This is one of those design ideas which seems so obvious you wonder why no one’s thought of it before. Dutch design company Demakersvan combines the ancient craft of lacemaking with industrial chain link fence.







Demakersvan’s website is here. Their ‘Lace Fence website is here. And you can even buy lace fence in various panel sizes here.

It’s making me want to build a dark wooden wall somewhere in my garden, just so’s I can install a lace fence trellis.



  1. says

    These were in Daniel Charny’s Craft retrospective at the V&A last year, alongside bears made of coathangers and glass eye artists. Extraordinary items on display. I have to confess to being more drawn to these lace panels now that they’re not alongside prosthetic body parts

  2. dkrycek says

    That style of chain link fence is so cool! I hope I can find a company that will do wire fencing in Calgary like this! It is so much more fun than the traditional chain link fence style.

  3. says

    The thought depends on the unknown chainlink security fences that are omnipresent on mechanical homes and sports grounds all throughout the planet. These are generally made of PVC-covered steel wire, which is woven into a persistent lattice by an interaction much the same as monster scope sewing, and afterward raised on posts.

  4. says

    Working with plastic-covered copper wire – which is more pliant than steel – Verhoeven wove many-sided designs, roused by customary Dutch trim making procedures, into the fence, making a fragile screen of foliage and blossoms. In this manner, an item that is an image of security, disavowal and even suspicion becomes something celebratory and peculiarly homegrown.

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