Child’s Own Studio


So there’s this adorably crazy lady out there who custom makes soft toys for kids based on their own drawings, which are totally and utterly and completely awesome.  And I desperately want one for the Minx.



The only problem is that she can only make four toys a week, has a waiting list as long her arm (well, duh!) and is so swamped she’s not taking any new commissions until she’s found some other softie makers to help her. So if that’s you, please contact her pronto quick.

If it’s not you and you just want to commission one of her toys, please forget you ever saw this post. At least until the Minx and I are on the list.





Child’s Own Studio can be contacted here.




Are you watching the Oscars tomorrow?  I’m going to an Oscars party, and hoping there’ll be enough crazy dresses for some ‘Separated at Birth’ posts on Monday.  Have fun and keep your fingers crossed!



  1. Deri says

    Is this in the US? I heard of a woman in UK who does similar – wonderfully bonkers idea.
    Watched Oscars once and nearly died from OD-ing on saccharine and irony deprivation, so probably not…x

  2. says

    I think she’s Australian actually. But maybe we should put the UK woman in touch with her, so I can get one for the Minx.
    As for Oscars, are they being shown live in the UK? If so you must stay up and ‘watch’ them on Twitter. That’s the place to get all the irony you need…

  3. says

    What a great story! They are very cute bears. By the way I made a lot of Pascale Garnier’s flower kits, I also made some toys kits but can’t remember who they were from, also clothes patterns from Lorraine Miniatures.

    • says

      I do not sell franchises and Laura is capitalizing on my brand. While it’s not illegal, I don’t endorse it, and in fact, I think it’s pretty shady.

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