Picture the Holidays–The View from Here


Our next prompt was to remind us to take a few moments to enjoy the view.

This is  the view I have from my desk in a corner of my bedroom as I work.  The chair is my knitting chair. We had some lovely sunny days in Seattle last week so I decided to render this in black and white to emphasise the beautiful wintry light.


seattleview (1 of 1)-2


This is the view you get from that chair.


seattleskyline (1 of 1)



  1. says

    I love the construction crane on the left, and the river. You caught a picture and made time stand still, but the crane shows “progress advancing”, while the river shows “time moving on”. (Dang I’m glad I took that hi school lit class. LOL)
    Nice shot, I like it better than the office one, but only because I wish that were my office.

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