1. Lucy Gray says

    Love them, but suspect small children would find the buckles tiresome. But tough – en doit suffrir pour etre beau, or words vaguely to that effect (used to be crisply re-iterated to my whilst my grandmother lacerated my scalp with a tuggy hairbrush, so am too mentally scared to learn the real spelling/grammar!)

  2. Susan-from-Athens says

    Lovely, but actually quite heavy to tote. Fine if your handbag sits in the seat next to you, but if you walk everywhere, like I do, you find your leather handbags, satchels etc are left in your cupboard and you reach for the Longchamps Pliable, or the Mandarina Duck fibre bags.

  3. says

    I meant them for me, not the Minx. But was wondering if they’d be too bright and it was just me succumbing to my inner kid again.
    I’m glad you guys like them too. I’m wondering about getting the egg yolk yellow one to test out the ‘yellow goes with everything’ theory…

  4. camilla says

    Yes, yellow. Egg yolk not flourescent. Millie’s French conversation tutor has one and it is yummy…
    *does this endorsement make up for being rude about orls Kiely books?*

  5. says

    And now I’m thinking about the orange one, or the baby blue… but good to get the skinny from someone who has seen them in person…

  6. says

    Hello. I’m a bit late on this one, but I thought I would put my 2 penneth in. I like the baby blue one myself. do you find it tricky deciding if thing are of an appropriate age for you, I am in my 40’s now and do worry that my tastes need to get more grown=up sometimes. But what the heck!

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