Blog I Am Loving – Kat Knit’s Project Project Runway


As you will doubtless know by now, I am a dyed-in-the-wool Project Runway fan, even in seasons like this when the fashion really is nothing to write home about.

So I’m loving this fabulous project happening on the blog Kat Knits where Kat, and also her friend Susi, both take 15 hours to follow each Project Runway challenge to the letter and create outfits for a doll.

From creating a stunning handbeaded element for the couture challenge



and its ready-to-wear counterpart




to printing a custom fabric for the fabric challenge




to knitting a tiny ensemble for the sportswear challenge


5014116973_d26ea31406 5014724058_601ea50aae


to punching out from ribbon and glueing hundreds of tiny circles for the ‘party store’ challenge




and knitting tiny accessories for the team challenge.




There’s much more to see on the blog, including all the workroom ‘drama’ and if you haven’t discovered it already go and say hi to Tom and Lorenzo at Project Rungay for everything you ever wanted to know and then some about the show (which is where I found out about this blog).


I can’t wait to see what they comes up with for last night’s  ‘Design a Grey Shapeless Sweatshire for Heidi Klum’s Vanity Line’ challenge. Best of luck to them both.


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