Today I Am Mostly…

…lighting candles


Actually this is me playing around  with the January challenge for Holly Decor8’s Interior Styling group on Flickr. The challenge is as follows:

‘ Put 3, 5, or 7 of your favorite things on a tabletop. Only 3, 5 or 7, no more, no less. Arrange them in a triangle style – highest in the middle and work your way down. Try using a framed picture leaning against the wall for the middle, or a tall vase, lamp, flower arrangement, or anything else that is tall and centered’

The weather has been horribly grey and rainy for the past few days here in Seattle, so I decided to play with candlelight instead. I don’t think this really works for the challenge as the area I was styling (our built in bookshelves ) meant I had to take it from the side. And it has absolutely no ‘wow factor’ .

This interior styling malarkey is really difficult. What would you do to make this photo better?



  1. says

    I take it down to the real basics — Adler vessel, the small what-looks-like candleholder, and your wooden candleholder. Maybe not have a lit candle in it — maybe the height of the candle is making it hard to feel like we’re getting an intimate glimpse of any one of the objects. (I’m not even a photographer, so feel free to ignore my blathering on…they are all very nice objects! : )

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