Contemporary Dolls House – the Lundby Stockholm


One of things I like best about Facebook is how it lets you tap into your friends’ collective brains for ideas. Having reached a bit of an impasse on contemporary dolls houses – either too expensive, too not available in the US, too discontinued or too babyish, I made a plea on Facebook as a last resort before buying something a little more traditional.

Eliza Truitt, Seattle photographer extraordinaire, mentioned how much she’d enjoyed playing with her Lundby dolls house as a child, which she thought was still being produced.  A quick search online revealed this, the Lundby Stockholm, an extremely desirable residence with lights (I would have KILLED for a light up dolls house as a child), two decks and a swimming pool in a drawer.


The absolute coolest thing is all the fabulous furniture which is available. Come and have a look around.

stockholm_interior_1  stockholm_interior_2

stockholm_interior_5 stockholm_interior_9


Lundby is a Swedish company that has been going since 1947.  They make two other houses, each with their own furniture and lights, though you can also swap furniture between the houses. (I see the Gotland summer house in the Minx’s future).  There’s even fabulous vintage furniture available on Ebay. 

Lundby stuff is available in the US at Cheeky Monkeys, but it is ferociously expensive.  A better bet is to do as I did and buy from the UK. Lundby stuff can be found on though they won’t ship the actual house to the US.  I ended up buying a ton of furniture from Creative Toy Den here. There’s even an Lundby advent calendar with dolls clothes, accessories and Christmas decorations for the house which I am itching to buy.

So that’s me sorted for Christmas then.  If she’s very, very lucky, I might even let the Minx play with it occasionally.



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    With furniture as stylish and colorful like those, who wouldn’t want to be a doll even for just one day and live in that awesome doll house? And not to mention, the roof deck is bangin’! The swimming pool looks retractable, though. Is that possible in real life?

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