Blanket Coverage


Delicious eye candy via Decor8 yesterday of the home of photographer Danielle Thompson. More photos of the rest of her home are on her blog, but I was particularly drawn to the pictures of her sofa, which sort of have the vibe I’m aiming at – a smooth modern sofa accessorised with a vibrant granny blanket. And her warm contemporary pastel colour scheme is so wonderful.



I also really like the arrangement she’s created above the sofa. I’m a bit over very frilly frames like these, but love the idea of collecting frames and framing fabrics.

If you’re looking for a easier crochet blanket, check out this simple but beautiful one from Casapinka.  I love its clean modern vibe, crochet can so often look overwrought and fussy.





  1. Deri says

    I used to display my granny blanket (actually knitted by authentic Welsh granny) with pride until I noted that Roseanne had one on her sofa. Are they not white trash in the States now then?

  2. says

    Re. white trash, I think it would depend very much on who is sitting on said granny blanket. My granny blanket will of course be pretty much haute couture…

  3. says

    white trash? 😉 if it keeps you warm, it keeps you warm. maybe it symbolizes more that this is a common thread among us? i dunno.
    anyway, it has inspired me to make one JUST LIKE IT! and got some black wool today. crochet hook, here i come!

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