An App –and Some Owls

How on earth did I live before I had my iPhone?  It seems impossible to even contemplate now, though I still find the touch screen infuriating at times.

Here’s one of my current favourite iPhone apps.

Developed by Seattle photographer Chase Jarvis, The Best Camera allows you to add some cool effects to your iPhone photos and also upload them easily to social networking sites such as Facebook etc.

Here’s an untweaked iPhone photo


and here is the same image tweaked using four different filters – Jewel, Paris, Slate and Candy (there are some more standard filters such as B&W and warm up filters as well). You can also combine several different filters together.  Jarvis has set up a website where you can upload the images you’ve taken – loads of great pics up there already.

IMG_0146 IMG_0147

IMG_0148 IMG_0149

These cute (I have no idea why they’re cute and not scary or ugly, but they are) mama and baby owls come courtesy of a blog reader Bushra who – after our recent owl discussion – emailed me the link for these owls on Etsy.  Which was splendidly timed to arrive just when the Husband was casting about for a birthday present that his baby could give to her mama…



  1. camilla says

    Oh God! Another I-phone convert! I have two of them in our house, always singing the praises of this application and that…
    Was accordingly very appreciative of the following being shortlisted as best joke from this year’s Edinburgh festival:
    “To the people who have got I phones you just bought one, you didn’t invent it”! Haaaa!
    Winning joke incidentally was this “Hedgehogs? Why don’t they just share the hedge”. I laugh every time.
    However, I do like the owls!

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