Hey Cupcake!


Sorry for light bloggery recently – it’s the interminable school vacation here and while we’re having lots of fun in the sun, there really isn’t much opportunity to get to a computer.

Last weekend, as usual, was filled with preparations for our annual Fourth of July firework party on our roofdeck, for which I ended up baking 113 mini-cupcakes, two huge clafoutis with cherries from our tree and one enormous strawberry and raspberry pavlova (which I will blog about separately).

Here are the cupcakes in action (with a glimpse of one of the clafoutis to the bottom right of the bottom image)



Here is the view on a gorgeously warm and balmy moonlit night.


And here is the ISO button on my camera breaking just before I was going to take pictures of the main event.




  1. says

    Ha ha… I forgot to take a photo of the large Union Jack fluttering in the breeze at the back of the deck…(we have a Stars and Stripes too, which is the Minx’s favourite…)

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