After Party – Laura Letinsky

I’m feeling very inspired today by these pictures by American photographer Laura Letinsky, who is currently exhibiting in London until May 30th.

Letinsky has put together tablescapes showing after-party disarray, with crumpled tablecloths, spilled wine, half-eaten cake, fading flowers and the dregs of drinks. Her spare compositions and pretty pastel colours give her images an inner stillness and wistful beauty but intrinsic to all is morning- afterish sense of melancholy, emptiness and decay – the party is over, the people have gone and only the washing up remains to be done.








  1. lissie says

    Looks a bit like the Christmas dinner table after you lot have left. Clearly should have photographed, rather than prosaically cleaning up…

  2. says

    Gorgeous, I especially like that first image. The one with the wedding cake…well looks a bit like how my wedding tabled ended up ;)

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