Ready For Their Close Up, Mr De Mille

This weekend the weather was utterly fabulous, so of course we spent it going to Ikea and doing loads of chores around the house and garden.  We are in that in-between stage with lots of half-completed jobs and Ikea flatpack boxes lying round the house, but progress of sorts has been made.

We did take a short break on Sunday to go for lunch at the Volunteer Park Cafe and then for a stroll around Volunteer Park, stopping at the conservatory along the way. 

I just happened to have my macro lens on my camera, so it was a good opportunity to get up close and personal on some of the flowers.











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    That’s what that lens is for! :/ I have a DSLR but have NO idea how to use it. And here I go about to buy a 3rd lens for it as if the lens is the reason I still don’t know how to take a picture with it 🙂
    These pictures are GORGE… totally frame-worthy 🙂

  2. says

    Actually Carrie, the lens does have quite a lot to do with it. I always feel like a bit of a fraud taking pictures with it because it does make it super easy to take nice pics.
    This lens is 60mm macro lens, which means you go up really close to the subject without it being out of focus and it also allows you to set a very wide aperture which is what causes the background to blur.
    Do you think people might buy these? I have been thinking of setting up an Etsy shop.

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    I was all excited when you were talking about the lens having quite a bit to do with it and then you started using words like aperture and my eyes crossed. I don’t jest when I say I have NO idea what any of that means… I really don’t…ha! I have entertained the idea of taking a photography class. Hmmm, perhaps I shall.
    And I personally am a fan of these types of shots. I would buy em. And ditto to Liz, I think they would be amazing as cards/postcards too!

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