Go Love Your Room – Victorian House in London

I was awash with nostalgia after seeing these pictures on Crooked Shmooked of the quintessential London Victorian house. Most of our friends with kids in London live in houses like this and if we had stayed in London I’m sure it’s the sort of family house we would have ended up buying.  (This particular house is not far from where we lived in Notting Hill in London and in an area we were definitely considering moving to).

Vast swathes of houses like these were put up in the 19th century all over London, and while this is certainly not on the cutting edge decor-wise it’s a very well done example of the genre, is quintessentially London and the sort of decor I love. If you want to use it for a photoshoot all details are here.


Come in! The encaustic tiiles inside and out are very Victorian and very typical, but the colour of the front door is fresh and modern and the beautiful stained glass is again a very Victorian idea, though I’m not sure if the glass in this particular door has been restored and modernised.



I’ve sat in so many rooms like this, with beautifully ornate fireplaces, a large bay window and an ugly telly tucked in the corner, because no one knows quite where to put it. Not sure about the sofa though.



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Got to love the that Paul Smith ‘Love’ needlepoint from the Rug Company.  It’s the companion piece to the one hanging in Carrie Bradshaw’s redecorated apartment and something I’d love to have here in Seattle, if only George Bush and Gordon Brown hadn’t stolen all our money.


I wish twinkly interior light strings were more prevalent in the US.  We had them all over the flat in London and you can generally find good examples at Habitat and Graham & Green.  Unfortunately the voltage is all wrong for the States (which we forgot about when we shipped some twinkly lights back for the Minx’s room last year).


Pretty much everyone in London has extended into the loft to get a bit more space.



  1. says

    Thank you for the lovely eye candy. I am mad for bay windows and ornate fireplaces. Although your craftsmen home is equally lovely! I moved from Seattle a couple years ago and when I see your photos it makes me miss Seattle.

  2. says

    I think we ended up with the Craftsman because it has a similar sort of feel – even down to the stained glass. Would love it to end up with a similar sort of vibe to the above….

  3. lissie says

    You’re right. This could quite easily be the house we left in Archway, and I am hopelessly nostalgic for it. I have to remind myself on a daily basis of the negatives – how tedious and slightly revolting the whole competitive school business was, how small the gardens, and how, even though London is fab in so many ways, that it took about a day to get out of the thing if you ever wanted to see a bit of countryside…
    But I don’t like that front door at all, especially the thick glazing bars . Ours had a nice stained glass bird, until the people who bought the house (dentists) saw fit to rip out the original glass for some etched opaque thing. AND they tore out the wisteria that clambered up five storeys to tangle around the roof terrace, which looked over the whole of London – St Pauls, Canary Wharf, Telecom tower, Crystal Palace – on a clear day the South Downs.
    And then the guy in the squat opposite would wake up and play his music, and we’d hastily go indoors again.
    Oh, and I’ve told you before – needlepoint is actually quite easy…

  4. Marie says

    This is apropos of nothing, but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, Paola. You have a delightful esthetic and a fantastic way with words. And most importantly, you sound authentic.

  5. says

    I greatly like the flooring that you have on your living room. It’s elegant and very relaxing. But what really caught my eye were the beautiful skylights. Brilliant work on your house.

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