Go Love Your Room – The Airstream Dream

I’ve always wanted to have an office in the garden and in my dreams that office is a vintage Airstream.  This month’s Readymade featured a young couple in Minneapolis who are living my dream with an Airstream they bought for $4,500. I wouldn’t mind the rest of the house either (with maybe a bit more colour and pattern in the main rooms).

What special things would you have in your dream house?  Mine would also have a a turret with a completely circular room.  And be in Provence not Minneapolis.










  1. lissie says

    There’s an 18th-century stone octagonal summerhouse in the grounds of some stately home I visited near Salisbury (not sure where, I was part of a rather drunken outing). Had a proper stone fireplace and everything. I KNOW I could write a novel if I had that summerhouse.
    Have also always wanted an Airstream, but looks rather tame in a backyard. Needs to be by the sea or in some really dramatic mountain scenery…

  2. says

    My dream house would be a Spanish Colonial Revival built from 1915-1920 or so, of the type I grew up near (but not in) in Montecito, CA. Jasmine, eucalyptus, and palm trees would definitely be involved.

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