New In Store – Atelier LZC and Abigail Percy

Just a quick run down of some new stuff now available at mirrormirror .

Firstly we did get some Eiffel Tower bits and pieces from Atelier LZC after you were so positive about them before Christmas. And you were right, they’ve been selling well for us.

First up is this hanging steel Eiffel Tower cut-out in a delicious deep cranberry.

eiffel3 eiffel2

Then two tea towels featuring iconic Parisian images.


And finally double-sided greetings cards also featuring images of Paris.


I know from our previous poll that these items are popular in the US and now that the pound has tanked against the dollar there isn’t a better time to buy them.  They’re also very light, so shipping will be super cheap. 

Just in time for Valentines Day we’re also got two new necklaces by Abigail Percy – a beautiful cut-out Anemone Flower necklace and another necklace featuring an internally gilded 3-D Silver Leaf and a cluster of Rose Quartz beads.  All non-sale jewellery is currently reduced by 10% until Valentines Day, so this is a good time to drop a hint via the mirrormirror  wish list.

anemone3  abileaf2



  1. says

    oooh!! i think i finally have my inspiration for my office!! aqua, lime and red…and Paris! love the metal cut out and the tea towels. not sure I need tea towels in my office but I will make it work …hmmm, ideas are forming :)

  2. lissie says

    These are VERY lovely things. What is it about cut metal that is so appealing?
    Have duly dropped hint about anemone necklace, along with a ‘wtf happened to my Christmas/anniversary present?’ message.
    You never know.

  3. lissie says

    Looks like we both know :-(
    Instead I got a plaster pig painted to show its skeleton encasing a heart.
    Just what I’d always wanted.

  4. says

    Just like I said in the other post about stuff related to Eiffel tower, this is just lovely. Why didn’t I find these before Christmas. Especially the tea towels and cards would have been a treat.

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