Man Cooking

Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Day in the UK – so like good little expats we whipped up some batter and pretended we were in England.  English pancakes are more like a French crepe than fluffy American pancakes, but are cooked in a smaller pan and are tossed to make them brown on both sides – with much ensuing hilarity in the kitchen. 


Pancakes are most traditionally served with a sprinkling of lemon juice and sugar, but this year the Husband introduced a new level of danger and excitement by caramelising the sugar with his blowtorch. 

This proved to be a great innovation, as it introduced a layer of sweet crunch between the smooshy folds of the pancakes, and family cooking is definitely made more interesting by the brandishing of naked flames and throwing food around the room.



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    I missed Pancake Day this year due to a bad bout of the flu, so I’m completely jealous. 🙂 (Pancake Day is also celebrated in Canada and, I believe, Australia)

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