Adventures in Felt


Look, look, look!  I’m so proud of my little self.

Remember I knitted this last year?


Well the original green bowl was swiped by the Minx as a hat (though I may swipe it back again as she never wears it) so I knitted up a white one instead. And yesterday I finally plucked up the courage to have a go at felting it by hand.

Following instructions in the Alterknits – Felt book I put about three inches of very hot water in the sink, pulled on my washgloves, added a teensy bit of Woolite and then rubbed and scrunched the bowl together with a very old clean facecloth for friction.  And it took me about an hour.  Never, NEVER, again. I literally have a blister on one of my fingers.

But it does look good.  I’ve got a couple more bowls lined up all ready to go and have decided to treat myself to one of these little babies, which is essentially a motorised washing bucket, which comes highly recommended by experienced felters.  They’re currently doing a great deal on Amazon and there are also some good deals on Ebay.

I’ll let you know how I get on with the next couple of bowls.



  1. says

    PAOLA! It’s SO cute!!! But good lord that sounds like a lot of work! Blisters? Oy! But if the washer aleviates your toiling I look forward to more of your felting genius in the future! :)
    Happy weekend, M’Dear! :)

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