The Very Definition of Pleasure


Well I knew they were irresistible, so I didn’t even bother resisting. Here’s what arrived in the mail the other day and they’re even more beautiful in person than they are online

The covers are stunning and the paper inside is smooth and expensive.

There really is nothing more satisfying than a beautifully-made book, particularly when you discover that Valley of the Dolls has somehow metamorphosed from being the trashy book you read for the sex scenes as a teenager, into a great classic of feminist literature and can therefore be read without guilt.




  1. lissie says

    In person??
    So that’s where all this Chesterfield stuff is coming from. Looks like it’s covered in a nice bit of Cath Kidstobn :-D Can’t wait to see which of your lucky friends turns out to be EXACTLY like protagonist of Valley of the Dolls…
    They look very nice, but surely all three verge on the unreadable?

  2. says

    Actually I’ve just ripped through VotD and TDoaPL at breakneck speed.
    VotD still a dreadful old potboiler but immensely gripping. TDOaPL laugh out loud funny and a very easy read.

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