This birthday party is brought to you by the number three..

I have no idea how the Minx managed to turn three without me noticing.  Surely she was still my baby only last week?

So on Saturday we hosted an Elmo party – dress code ‘red’ – for more than twenty toddlers and attendant parents.  Thanks to the lovely people at Urban Monkeys (a beautiful light and bright ‘loft’ style venue in South Lake Union with enough room for a play gym and bouncy castle) we all had a wonderful time and I’ve never seen a happier or more excited Minx.

You will see that her taste in cakes hasn’t changed that much from last year.

I have come to the conclusion that having a child in mid-January really is monumentally bad planning. There’s absolutely no chance to recover from Christmas and trips to England – you just have to keep going with the planning and organising and baking.

Now that we’ve finally got Christmas and birthdays out of the way, MY year can finally begin. Yippee!!!



  1. camilla says

    And just think, next year you can have 20 4 and almost 4s without the attendant parents to help supervise…..
    Happy birthday to the Minx. But she wore that dress at Christmas…..

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