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Well, last week was an absolute nightmare.

Our hosting company managed to balls things up yet again.  While trying to correct a small issue with the graphics rendition of the site, they managed to disable the whole back-end interface – which made it very difficult to even see orders, let alone add new things to the site or update the stock. 

You can imagine how thrilled I was.  Fortunately after a lot of stressed emailing back and forth the issue is now resolved.

The other reason why I haven’t been blogging much recently is that I’ve finally got round to adding a Kids section to the site.  







I think it’s very important that kids get to experience good design from a young age in spite of all the garish Fisher Price nonsense that they are constantly surrounded with.

Interestingly the Minx loves all of the things I’ve bought for the site (of which quite a few have ended up in her room) and I’m hoping they’re the sort of things that she will treasure even more as she gets older.

So I’m trying to build up a collection of kid-friendly decorative objects, tableware and toys.  At the moment the collection includes cushions and posters from Atelier LZC,  








utterly gorgeous limited edition collages from Lorena Siminovich,

and a selection of contemporary ceramics featuring that ever-hip design icon Miffy, which come packed in covetable gift boxes.


I’ve got few more items to add over the next couple of weeks, but I’d love to grow the collection much more over the next year.

If you, or someone you know, makes fab products for babies and kids (not clothes for the moment, but everything but) then I’d love to hear from you.  I’m looking for excellent quality and craftsmanship, visual appeal, and a refreshing lack of tweeness. Get in touch!



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    These hosting companies don’t half choose their timings well, eh??! Glad to hear you’re back in the land of the living and ordering and congratulations on the kids range – a delight!!xx

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    Oh dear Helen, I’m afraid your ‘goddaughter’ may have to wait for the LZC prints. I only got a few in because I wasn’t sure whether art would sell or not, but we’re already sold out 🙁
    Lottie, if ‘Matthew’s niece’ likes the Miffy stuff half as much the Minx you will become her very favourite auntie. We put the eggcup in the Minx’s stocking last year and she spend the next few days carrying it around with her…

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    lovely pieces, i totally agree about kids and good design. i remember childhood frustration at all the toys being yukky and i hated primary colours everywhere, it’s part of why i became a textiles designer initially -to bring new colours to designs for children. my own saving grace source of good design came in the form of fantastic illustration books from many countries that my aunty (before she got crazy) gave to me as I grew up. I truly treasured them and could tell even at a young edge that they were GOOD design.
    I think it’s great that you are encouraging the spread of good design for all ages. If ever you get a windfall and have a sudden desire to set up your own printhouse I’ll be email you designs like a shot.
    and you are spot on, the minxs will most certainly be able to treasure those pieces in adulthood. lucky girl. lovely mum.

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