1. Kate (pm) says

    it’s so funny to see you post a picture of Rockefeller Center – I walk through it everyday as I work one block over. I wonder if I walked by you?!! Love your blog! Enjoy your stay in NYC!
    PS. love the angle you took from Rock. Ctr – I’m going to go take the same one tomorrow.

  2. says

    Wow! Lucky you working there. We’re staying on 49th and Lex so very close by.(And close to 280 Park where I used to work which is quite amusing).
    We all popped over to the new observation deck last night (hence pic of the Empire State Building).
    V. cool, though the Minx kept saying she wanted to go down because she was a bit ‘shilly’ (chilly). Which I think was a euphemism for scared stiff 🙂 (I’ll start saving for the psychiatrist’s bills now).

  3. Kate (pm) says

    Ha ha! I read Suzi’s comment and just knew she had to be from southern California!! I’m a NYer who freely admits to loving LA (and California altogether, of course).
    Actually we’ve had great weather this year including a mild paster winter. I am so not a winter person so I can verify. Very few extreme weather days (the definition of extreme is all relative though!) and we enjoyed lots of “LA days” as I call it (everyone was getting sick of me constantly comparing). However, rumor has it this winter won’t be as gentle. Fingers crossed!

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