Another Secret Update

Some more nice online mentions. 

I am apparently an Alpha Mummy. It’s very nice to be up on a national newspaper’s website, even though I had to draw their attention to the blog myself.  Likewise a lovely link to the Matryoschka teatowels on the ever fabulous sfgirlbybay.  

It’s probably because I’m British but I always feel awkward indulging in shameless self-promotion – but I need to learn to do it more often it seems.

The teatowels have also been mentioned on House to Home.  We sent some out to be photographed by Ideal Home earlier on this year, so I think it’s as a result of that. Don’t think they’re in the magazine though as we would have been getting a flurry of orders for this product if it had been.

Now I really need the Universe to start focusing a bit more on the orders side of things as it’s been slacking a bit in that direction this week.

By the way, if anyone sees a mention of ‘mirrormirror‘ in the Press or online could you let me know?  Our PR company used to keep an eye on such things but now that we no longer use them I’m finding it very difficult to keep up.



  1. says

    I use google alerts too.
    Hey congrats on the PR! I’m in the position of having to start shameless self-promotion for our site, so if you have any tips on how you do it, I’d love to hear!!

  2. Maelstrom says

    Read about your blog in Alpha Mummy – fascinating reading for me, as a Brit who moved to Seattle (albeit a while ago) & takes me back (I remember trying to figure out where to get good cheese & tea and any duvets, marmite, nutella). All more widely available now (tea especially, thank god) than when I came here, but still interesting to read!

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