Summer Idyll

Pics on my Flickr 

We stayed in a pretty white house overlooking a small beach (the cabins were all booked so we stayed in the chintzy but comfortable main house), surrounded by lovely gardens and towering madrona trees; watched the moon glisten on the water, and the morning mist rise over the bay; splashed in a sparkling (if very cold) sea; learnt how to kayak (which was amazing) on mirror-smooth waters with seals popping up to say hello; swung on the rope swing under the old tree; picked apples in the garden; walked on soft pine needle-covered paths by emerald lakes; drove to the top of the mountain and gazed on the islands spread before us; went whale-watching (again) and saw more seals, porpoise and eagles but no whales (again); lay on the grass amid the dandelions; had a first ever ride on a horse; went to a farm and gathered eggs, plums and peaches for supper; saw a small covered bridge which wouldn’t be out of place in Madison County and picture-postcard farmsteads; sailed home through the most glorious sunset and drove back to Seattle by the light of a huge harvest moon.

San Juans, we will be back.



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