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I am indebted to Becky for pointing out that Season 2 of Design Star was starting over on HGTV

Sadly, I didn’t have the pleasure of watching Season 1, but already I can tell that it’s the Paris Hilton of TV design shows, which of course means that I’m already completely hooked.

The prize is a contract to host a design show on HGTV, which means that interior design skills come second to ‘personality’.  Which is always a dangerous concept in America. 

I predict the winner will be one of this bunch

  • metro-hippy Josh – sweet, environmentally friendly, extremely easy on the eye and the only male contestant who wasn’t camper than a row of tents
  • queen of mean Neeraja (look how she’s already got the best chair in the middle of the group) – who didn’t remotely try to be sweet and nice for the viewers and thus earned my undying admiration
  • skunk-haired Lisa – who seemed grounded, funny and creative, but lost a lot of Paola points for her ‘wacky’ (yawn) hair.  Loved her homemade wedding dress though.
  • Eva Longori-alike Adriana – who can’t possibly be as sweet and nice as she seems
  • Bouncy Kim – mostly because I liked her wavy floor and her energy

Of course the people I think should win reality TV programmes never do. As for Josh Rhinestones – puhlease.  He’s at least ten years older than he says he is and the whole rhinestones and chandeliers schtick is as faux as his chinchilla.   

Holly has promised Becky that she will be hosting chats on Decor8.  Or else get a bottle of Bailey’s and try Becky’s drinking game.


If, on other hand, you’re on the lookout for a design discussion with some actual design content, get yourself over to Style Court where Courtney will be hosting an online discussion of The Secret and Extraordinary Lives of Florence Broadhurst.

I’ve been wanting to read this since it came out, so was jazzed to have an excuse to buy it.



Finally, my weekend was made by the news that the lovely Helen is going to be made an honest woman of at last.  It truly couldn’t have happened to nicer people.



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    Thanks for visiting my blog! The bookmarked blog is just a little something to clean out my long list of computer bookmarks..hopefully you visited the slightly more interesting one too! I just watched my Tivoed Design Star and I like Lisa and Kim the best so far. I CAN NOT STAND the Josh Rhinestones guy…he’s so annoying and lame! I hope he’s not on there for very long.

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