Inspiration Board – Living Room

So here’s my final version of the mood board for the living room.

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Inspirations: Laduree macaroons; fruit sorbets; Hotel Costes compilations; Vanessa Bruno’s Paris apartmentmid-century modern curves, the Ile Saint-Louis and Piazza San Babila



I’m really pleased with how useful this has been in focusing my mind.

It’s really helped me work out the final palette for the room –  fruit sorbet colours ranging from deep plum and raspberry through lime and citrus, with jasmine white walls.

I’ve learned that I need some dark colours and funky furniture to stop it getting too girly.

I’ve now got some specific ideas – a curvy, acid-bright chair for near the fireplace (though probably not a Barcelona as they are so ubiquitous); a row of horizontal white pattern on white panels for above the sofa (difficult to see but they’re behind the black lamp above); a curvy coffee table (I do like those Metro ones).

Very intrigued to hear whether you guys think it works or not.



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    I think it will look beautiful. What color are you considering for the fireplace? We rented a house in Ballard that had a fireplace painted the exact color of yours shown in your picture (which is from the real estate listing, yes?). It was not so great and I always wished I could repaint it.

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    Yes, the pic is from the listing particulars. Did you see the fireplace poll that I ran on here a month or two back? Despite the misgivings of several readers I am going to attempt stripping it back to the brick. Updates to follow soon.

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