I’ve been tagged by Lottie to reveal seven random facts about myself.

  1. I’m short.  5’1″ to be precise. Any shorter and I’d need a booster seat. Mostly I don’t mind, though it makes some things difficult – seeing out of car windows (not ideal if you’re driving), reaching things down from supermarket shelves, buying clothes etc. 
  2. I have a thing for tall men. The Husband is 6’2″, though the tallest person I’ve been out with was 6′ 4″.  Even I had to laugh when I caught glimpses of us both together in shop windows.
  3. Speaking of whom, I met the Husband in the kitchen at his ex-girlfriend’s birthday party.  I passed him a stuffed pancake, looked up into his eyes and knew.  We’ve been together ever since.
  4. I can touch my nose with my tongue.  Men seem to find this fact endlessly fascinating.
  5. I previously worked in the City, in the strategy department of a huge multinational corporation and as a management consultant before realising that I much prefer cushions and jewellery and pissing about on the Internet. So now I’m poor and er, happy instead of ridiculously wealthy as all my City contemporaries now are.
  6. I studied French and Italian at uni and have lived for longish periods of time in the South of France, Switzerland, Milan, Rome, New York and now Seattle.  I’d move to the South of France tomorrow if I could.
  7. Several hundred years back in the day I was a semi-finalist in Capital Radio’s London-wide disco-dancing championship and danced in front of a huge crowd onstage at the Lyceum in the Strand.  I could cope with the embarrassment because I’m incredibly short-sighted and used to take my glasses off before going to discos (as clubbing used to be called).  Which led to me entering all sorts of strange dancing competitions and copping off with lots of ugly men. Fortunately I won a number of dance competitions that year and used my winnings to finance my first pair of contact lenses.

Helen, Leela, Pink, Shannon, Abigail, Rebecca and Terramia consider yourselves tagged.



  1. says

    Oh Boy… let me think about this one! Hmmmm…
    You are fascinating, and hilarious!!!
    I have done something akin to this already:
    “Six ‘Weird’ Things about Me You May Not Already Know”…
    link to
    I can *easily* come up with another seven (what does that make me… super freaky!?)… so stay tuned!!
    (: *Terramia*

  2. says

    What a funny post. I feel like I now know everything pertinent about you. The multilingual, globetrotting part has me highly envious.

  3. says

    ahhh..south of france!
    my husband and I traveled around europe for 3 months. france…by far…was the most beautiful.
    I LOVE all things…french. beautiful people…beautiful country.
    and relatively SANE drivers. which is saying a lot.

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