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Oh, now I’m really grumpy about losing that house.

One of the things I was most looking forward to was finally being able to create a bedroom for my little girl.  When we were in the UK her bedroom was also used as the mirrormirror stockroom and my poor baby had to sleep among heaps of cardboard boxes.

And now I’ve found out that Habitat in the UK has come out with a gorgeous collection of Very Important Products for children, ostensibly designed by celebrities.

I’d love to get the Minx this wonderful treasure toybox full of secret compartments designed by Kate Winslet


Or this sweet dressing table by Sophie Dahl

Or this gorgeous set of ‘Matryoschka’ boxes by maverick designer Marcel Wanders.

Or this ‘Hollywood’ mirror designed by one of my all time heroines Miss Piggy.


Come to think of it, forget the Minx, I’d love to have these myself. Bet the shipping costs to the US is extortionate as well. Grrrrr.



  1. says

    Hi Paola. Thanks for visiting my blog – it’s a nice treat to discover yours.
    We have a Minx too, but she’s a siamese cat called Monkey, which turns into Minxy, into… Skinny laMinx!
    cheers, and good luck with the househunting.

  2. says

    Really sorry to hear about the house. Hopefully there will be a bigger and better model around the corner though. On Relocation, Relocation last night, Kirsty and Phil were searching for a huge country pile for a couple who’d bought in London at the right time and now had masses of cash to spend on their next home. They thought they’d found it, won a sealed bid and prepared to live happily ever after before it all came crashing down. Suffice to say, they ended up with a far superior maison and were even happier that they’d imagined in true fairytale property programme style. See – it will happen to you too!

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