Mood Board

Images from the UK editions of Elle Deco, Vogue, House & Garden and Homes & Gardens with a few of my photos thrown in.

I don’t normally like to blog about the same things on this blog and on Living Gorgeously but I thought readers here might like to see the ‘mood board’ I put together for February trends over on Gorgeously.

I used to put mood boards together the old-fashioned way – with scissors and glue or sticky tape – and found them invaluable in focusing and informing the buying process.

Unfortunately since she’s been walking the Minx and scissors and glue don’t really mix, so I haven’t made a mood board for some time.

It then occurred to me to do it online (er doh!), so I spent a happy afternoon today cutting things out of magazines and choosing images that worked well together and illustrated the trends I was reading about.  I find it really fascinating how you can start doing this and realise that magazine after magazine and advert after advert is focusing on the same trends.

All I need to do now is find some money to buy more stock in.



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    I agree with Flibbertygibbet – I need to do something like this so I can put my millions of mags in the recycle bin. It’s a sickness really, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing this.

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