If one is in possession

of a shiny new red mac which matches one’s adored wellies with cherries, then it is absolutely de rigueur to wear it, with the hood up, absolutely all day,




 even if, unusually for Seattle, there isn’t a drop of rain to be seen.  Non?





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    Oh, now she looks just gorgeous. And Slinky Malinky – that’s one of my favourite books (well, not exactly, but you know what I mean). Sadly Lexie has taken against it so we haven’t read it for a while. Sigh.
    Happy (belated!) 2nd Birthday to the Minx.

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    If I had seen her running by me like that I’d have been saying “I want one” and I could eqaully have been referring to her and/or her outfit! I’m posting my ‘January’ pic for you in a few mins, if blogger will stop behaving oddly.

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