Golden Globes

Living on the West Coast means I finally get to watch awards shows as they happen and not in the form of 40 seconds of highlights at the end of the news.

So this evening I was to be found on my sofa with a tub of Haagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche icecream to revel in watching the Golden Globes.

It was a fab night for British actors who won tons of awards and gave all the best acceptance speeches – Sacha Baron Cohen did us particularly proud (you need to turn up your speakers to hear this).

The ‘mirrormirror’ horriblest dress awards go to Cameron Diaz, who had come dressed as the Sugar Plum Fairy with too much lipstick;  and Sienna Miller, who was wearing a strange armour-plated affair and hadn’t bothered to wash her hair before putting it up in a peculiar German milkmaid ‘do’.

I appears that this is not the first time that these two have been fugly together.



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    I am so over Cameran Diaz! And Sienna Miller for that matter. Kind of sad, but they just looked awful! I thought Helen Mirren was glowing! And Jennifer Hudssoa, although I never saw her dress, looked so radiant at her table. Somehow I missed her win. Oh well! Was a fun watch1
    Welcome to the West Coast!! 😉

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    This clearly says more about me than I should perhaps admit to, but from you pic I think Sienna’s dress looks quite nice, and I’m always a fan of messy blonde hair. Oh dear, don’t disown me Paola!

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    Cally, surely even you would WASH YOUR HAIR before going to the Golden Globes? If not then I fear I must disown you.
    That photo is a very flattering one of Sienna’s dress. On the telly it was very Bacofoil-y.

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