This little piggy

So, what do you think? Is there a market for grown-up piggy banks? As Christmas presents? I think they’re absolutely adorable and am seriously thinking about buying some of these for the site but have no idea how they might sell. And they’re going to cost a fortune to import. Tell me!



  1. Lissie says

    Personally, I have a real problem with piggy banks. If they don’t have stopper at base then you have to break them to open them, which is upsetting. 🙁 But if they do have stopper, then it’s only too easy to raid them, so in fact they are just glorified purses.
    Just me?

  2. Diane says

    I think there might be… a very tiny survey (done just now, in my head) says that several men of my acquaintance hate carrying around change so dump it somewhere – usually unhelpfully. My husband has an ugly plastic pot he puts his in, and I’ve seen piles of change on hall tables, window sills etc. I think there might be a market selling to women who would like a more charming way of dealing with it… My problem would be that this pig wouldn’t be big enough! D2xx

  3. says

    A bit belated I’m afraid as I’m new to your lovely blog, although I’ve drooled over your equally lovely site many times. I’m a big piggy bank fan for people of all ages. Apart from happy hours spent raiding mine with a butter knife as a child I love to have my secret stash of cash for treats and emergencies. A friend of mine uses one to put spare pound coins and fivers in – small enough sums for her not to feel their absence – and recently realised she had inadvertently saved enough to pay for her shopping trip to NY (I suspect she may have quite a big pig)!
    My husband thinks I’m potty – but he too has a nasty plastic pot in the hall for dumping pockets full of change !

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