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Well, the exciting thing DID happen, although in the end I was actually feeling too utterly wiped out to feel very excited by it at all.

Yesterday my little mirrormirror blog was chosen as Typepad’s Blog of the Day and was featured on the Typepad homepage. Which means that loads of people who have a Typepad blog saw it and it resulted in lots of lovely traffic to both the blog and the mirrormirror shop.

I have absolutely no idea how it came about. If one of my lovely readers thought fit to nominate me then thank you so much. I thought it might be some sort of peculiar spam when I first got the email and only thought it might be true when a Typepad t-shirt was delivered throught the mail. But I am feeling rather honoured as they do choose some really interesting blogs to feature.

A big welcome to anyone who’s popping by as a result of the Typepad feature – it’s lovely to have you and I hope you’ll stay around and join in the conversation. It’s normally much jollier round here when I’m not dying of dysentery.

But now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to bed with a terrible Jilly Cooper novel and a hot water bottle. Oh, and people who know me in real life are not permitted to laugh at the words ‘thoroughly charming’.



  1. Diane says

    “Oh, and people who know me in real life are not permitted to laugh at the words ‘thoroughly charming’.”
    Too late! *evil grin*

  2. says

    I just found your blog through Brocante’s reference. I love reading your little tidbits and I can’t wait to check out the shop.
    Are you moving to Seattle? My husband and I (and our darling 4 month old son) might be moving there as well. If we do….and you are…we should connect.

  3. says

    No, the tee-shirt is not wearable.
    It is a plain white round-neck T bearing the inscription seen on my previous post.
    Since I am too big of bosom and sallow of complexion to suit anything round-necked and/or white, I asked for it in XL and donated it to the Husband who wears it in bed.
    So I have recently been going to bed every night secure in the knowledge that Typepad Loves Me….

  4. says

    Yeah that’s great!!
    If anyone wants to be a typepad blog of the day, they don’t have to be nominated or anything, if you have a typepad account, you can nominate yourself here:
    link to
    I wish I had typepad, but I’m on blogger, so I don’t qualify!!

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