I’ve just come across (via my blog stats of course) a really fantastic little Internet tool called Stumble Upon.

First you download a little application/tool bar (definitely NOT a virus or spyware and takes only a few seconds). Next you answer a few questions about yourself and your preferences and then hit the ‘Stumble Upon’ button in the toolbar. Every time you hit ‘Stumble Upon’ a new, completely wonderful, website which matches your personal interests and which has been recommended by other ‘Stumblers’ will be served up to you.

You can then use the tool bar to rate the sites as they are served to you and Stumble Upon uses your ratings to personalise its selections for you even more. You can also use the toolbar to rate websites that you like and recommend them to other Stumblers.

It’s difficult to explain – just go and download it and see for yourselves!



  1. says

    Love Stumble Upon! I just wish it worked with Safari so I would remember to use it more often!! I found it the same way, through my traffic!

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