Deck Chairs

We’re absolutely thrilled with the Ronde chairs we bought for the deck, though it’s been bugging me why they seemed so familiar. 

I thought it was just because they’re used quite a lot in European cafes but something was still nagging away at the back of my mind.

And then today the Minx and I went for a walk in the Sculpture Park and well, duh!  Of course, they are the same as the Park’s much-loved chairs!  (Though the ones from the Sculpture Park have been cleverly commissioned in the exact same shade of red as Calder’s Eagle, one of the Park’s most popular sculptures.)  

I very nearly slapped my forehead.

Here are a couple of my favourite pictures of the Sculpture Park chairs

From Flickr


From Flickr

Somehow it feels rather appropriate that we have some iconic Seattle chairs on our deck, though I’m kicking myself for not working it out sooner. 



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