Garden Desires

So here’s the brief I gave Brian the garden designer.

– Colour scheme as above.  Lots of orange, purple and hot pink with dark purple and dark green foliage and maybe the odd splash of lime green.

– ‘Messy’ planting contained within strong structural shapes

–  A tiny camomile lawn somewhere (a romantic dream of mine ever since reading ‘The Camomile Lawn’)

– a little herb garden

– a ‘New Dawn’ rose.  Both my previous gardens have had one and it will make me feel at home

– room for one of these under the cherry tree

– a patch of earth where the Minx and I can grow things ourselves.  She has so far announced that she would like to grow a ‘hee-yooooge punkin’ as in the seminal gardening tome  ‘Meg’s Veg’.

I think we need a bigger garden. 

In the meantime someone who calls himself Mr Handyman is coming tomorrow to pressure wash the roof deck, stain the furniture, paint the deck floor and fix plexiglass to the railings to make it more kid friendly. So hopefully there’ll be some before and after shots to show you before too long.



  1. says

    Why limit yourself on the chamomile and herb garden? Make it big! You’ll be reaping more benefits from those compared to a patch of colorful and fragrant flowers. Btw, why do you need a chamomile lawn? Are you having trouble sleeping?

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