Google Notebook

I’m indebted to Katey at That’s Hot blog for discovering Google’s new Notebook application.

It’s a cute little download which allows you to right-click on any link, picture or text that you see on the web and copy it to your online notebook. It’s brilliant for me as I’m always finding little references online to potential new suppliers or design ideas and had nowhere to put them before except my Favourites.

It’s just like having an online version of my offline notebook. For all my offline clippings etc. I use one of these lovely books by Capella Designs, available at a very reasonable price from mirrormirror



  1. says

    I just found you via Karin’s style blog!!! Love your store and blog, ironic I came across mirror mirror today as I am about to launch my own online boutique in the next few weeks here in Australia! I am also a mum ( i have a beautiful 18 month old son)and wanted to be able to stay at home with him, so we came up with the idea of I am hoping it will become a success story!
    love the notebook and all your products!!! Be back to visit soon and hoing you are having a wonderful time on holiday!

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