How to Create an Oscars Dress


Take one of these (do sandwich boards exist in the US?)


Sandwich board


Combine with one of these


toilet seat


Get out your glue gun and stick on lots of these, and these


pinkgumballs yellowbarnacles


And lo and behold, Cate Blanchett will wear it.




It’s been nearly 24 hours and I’m still trying to work out if I like this dress or not. What do you guys think? At the very least kudos to her for wearing one of the very few interesting dresses on display last night.



  1. Kassy says

    I didn’t see the back last night so the yellow on the front made no sense to me. Now that I see the back, the dress still makes no sense to me. I think I like it though, and the color is excellent on Cate.

  2. says

    where is the “dislike” button here. everything is wrong there. it looks weird. but i understand the hesitation here…

  3. says

    oh, i have to admit, i am completely in love with this dress especially on cate. she’s such a goddess. i thought she looked stunning.
    on the other hand, if i wore this dress, i’d look like i had a disease.

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