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So I’m working on my next pair of socks – since I’m still in the throes of my obsession. I got another yarn from Violet Green which looked like this when it was in the skein.

silascs2I was assuming, based on my previous experience, that it would come out softly variegated, or perhaps in some nice stripes.

Instead I seem to be creating splodges of colour which make them look a bit as if I’ve been treading grapes in turquoise socks, which I’m not entirely convinced is the look I’m after.

The good news is that I’m absolutely adoring the Jaywalker sock pattern I found online – complex enough to be interesting and easy enough not to be a complete and utter PITA.  It’s a shame that the yarn doesn’t show off the intriguing zigzags though. But definitely a pattern I will try again.






Here is a gratuitous pic of my knitting on our new bedroom chair – a bit of a bargain from Urban Outfitters – of which more later when the bedroom is tidier. 463



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    It’s doing this because you are knitting in the round. I did the same last week making a baby hat for a friend. You must use straight needles to get the look you were wanting…but it does look sort of nice like this.

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    Love the colourway of the yarn, it’s fab. I don’t think that it’s an issue about the needles, rather what’s happening is called ‘pooling’ – when the colour ends up all in a splodge or pool. Normally using a pattern like jaywalkers would help with this. What you might want to do is transfer the sock to stitch holders for a while (or big safety pins) and start the yarn off at a different point, which would shift all of the colour *around* the sock, and the pooling might be better?
    This post on another blogger’s site shows you the same issue on Jaywalkers:
    link to

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