Bye Bye Blueprint

Much wailing and gnashing of teeth in blogland over the demise of Blueprint – Martha Stewart’s more upmarket guide to guide to stylish living, seemingly intended to be a rival to Domino and Real Simple.

I’m not entirely surprised.  I was a subscriber, but mostly because magazine subscriptions are so ridiculously cheap here, but didn’t enjoy it as much as its rivals.

I can’t help wondering though whether it was killed by its font.  Does it say ’fresh, fun, stylish design’ to you?  Because I think it looks prissy, fussy and dated and never really fitted in with the streamlined, uncluttered elegance I was sort of hoping for from the magazine.

I love that combination of chartreuse and lilac though – the bench not so much.  I’m indebted to this blogger for finding out that the colour is Benjamin Moore’s Beach Plum.  I’m thinking of a that sort of colour for our dining room, to complement our citron green rug.



  1. says

    I actually think that it was one of the better designed magazines out there – credit to an obviously talented creative team as the visual identity is one of the things that really set it apart.
    Different looks for different folks I guess! : )

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