Over to you

Given that, unlike some, I don’t have a remote interior designer, I was wondering whether you guys would like to help out with the process of designing the new house.

So welcome to the first mirrormirror interactive interior designer’ poll. 

Though I don’t promise to always act on your advice, I’m genuinely interested to hear what you think.  Please expand on your ideas if necessary in the comments box and if you want, let me know in the comments which country you’re from.  It will be fascinating to see if we get international differences of opinion.


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NB. Option 4 is unlikely to be the right answer



Exhibit 1 is the bright red fireplace in the main sitting room, which has a large window facing east and smaller stained glass windows in yellow and faded red facing south.  The room is flooded with light in the morning and remains very light for most of the day. (By the way, we’re going to be discussing/dissing the wallcolour and the stove at a later date)

So, what would you do with the fireplace it if you were me? 


Life is a bowl of cherries

Look what splendour awaited us in our tiny ’backyard’ when we returned from London.


This old cherry tree is immense, dominates the pocket handkerchief lawn and was looking astonishingly beautiful on the glorious Spring day which greeted us.






The previous owners also left us a very charming note bequeathing us their orchard ladder and cherry pitter.











Please forward all your favourite cherry recipes to yours truly – I think they’re going to be needed.