Pizza the action

More good news about the Wallingford area of Seattle, where we’ve moved.


Excuse quality – picture taken with mobiile phone 

It is home to Tutta Bella  - one of a handful of pizzerias in the US certified as serving authentic Neapolitan pizza.  And having spent quite a lot of time in Naples eating authentic Neapolitan pizza with my relatives, I can vouch that the pizzas here are truly excellent – better than any I’ve had recently in London, the ice cream by Bottega Italiana is pretty darn good and the espresso is the proper pulled Italian version and not any of this Starbucks nonsense.

Excuse quality – picture taken with mobiile phone 

And they could even do a proper Italian affogato.

The sad thing was that I was delighted to see the serried ranks of highchairs piled up at the entrance, when two years ago such a sight would have would have sent me screaming with terror in the opposite direction.  I have a feeling we have moved to the ‘Nappy Valley’ of Seattle.  



  1. says

    Hmm… Tutta Bella must be putting something in the drinking water these days. We just ate at the one in Columbia City.
    Thanks for the pictures of the Wallingford location — I haven’t made it up that way yet.
    As for ‘Nappy Valley’ (that’s hilarious, BTW), Wallingford’s reputation as I know it is Yuppie Central. Down South in Columbia City is actually the fastest growing families-with-young-children population at the moment. ;)

  2. lissie says

    And guess what? In 14 years or so you’ll be back to the screaming with terrorness. Some couple decided to bring their baby into the (small) pool in which I was attempting to execute a few pre-work lenghts this morning, befor they turned the jacuzzi into a glorified playpen – was absolutely livid.
    8 years ago, baby in arms, I would have hated me.

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