Apologies for lack of recent bloggery.

I had so much lined up to tell you as well.

I’ve been frantically busy with other stuff, because this time tomorrow I’m going to be here for a couple of weeks. I’ve never been to Sardinia before, so I absolutely can’t wait. But of course it’s two in the morning and I’m still packing.

The other reason for my busy-ness is that mirrormirror has now taken on a member of staff! The lovely Siobhan (my brother’s intended) is going to look after the day-to-day running of the business while we’re in Seattle, so we thought this would be a good time to transfer all the stock and stuff over to her neck of the woods so that she can start developing her wrapping and customer service skills. So you must all place lots of lovely orders for her to practice on.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. mirrormirror now feels like a real company again. I first started the business together with a business partner and it was great to be able to bounce ideas off someone and just get someone else’s opinions and advice. My original business partner left after six months for personal reasons, so the last year has been rather lonely and difficult, trying to push the business forward on my own. Now, with someone else to sort out all the day to day stuff, I will be able to focus much more on buying lovely new products and marketing, so I’m hoping this marks the start of big things for mirrormirror. Altogether very exciting indeed.

I don’t think you’ll be hearing much from me over the next couple of weeks, but I might try and send a couple of photos from the beach via my mobile phone just to make you all jealous. Oh, and then when we get back we’re going straight to Cornwall for a week, so you may well never hear from me again.


Google Notebook

I’m indebted to Katey at That’s Hot blog for discovering Google’s new Notebook application.

It’s a cute little download which allows you to right-click on any link, picture or text that you see on the web and copy it to your online notebook. It’s brilliant for me as I’m always finding little references online to potential new suppliers or design ideas and had nowhere to put them before except my Favourites.

It’s just like having an online version of my offline notebook. For all my offline clippings etc. I use one of these lovely books by Capella Designs, available at a very reasonable price from mirrormirror


Read all about it

An interview with yours truly has just appeared in UK-focused online magazine retro.life.style. Not sure where the retro fits in as the features all seem pretty hip and directional to me, but the magazine itself is well worth a browse. And they asked for a picture of me in my new shoes which I was only too happy to oblige with.



So, I’ve been taking my spoonful of oil every morning and afternoon and have by now ingested thousands of extra calories in neat oil. I am deliberately not doing anything else which might be construed as ‘dieting’. I am eating everything I want to eat and only exercising when I feel like it. By rights I should have put on a least a couple of extra pounds in weight.

But, my body appears to have been taken over by an alien. A thin person. The sort of person who forgets to eat, who can eat three-quarters of the way through a chocolate bar and then put the rest away.The sort of person who pushes plates away announcing that they are ‘stuffed’, and who eats her favourite things first because she knows she won’t have room later on. I have lost my taste for sweet things and heavy carbohydrates and am craving fruits, vegetables, fish and light foods such as Thai stir-fries. I’m drinking loads of water. If I don’t do some exercise during the day I start to get stir-crazy.

In short I am doing everything that one is told to do to lose weight, but unlike every other diet I have been on ever, I am not having to exert a single ounce of willpower. On the contrary I spend most of my time feeling like I’ve eaten too much, until I analyse what I’ve eaten and it’s not half as much as I was eating before. I have no idea how this is working, but something is definitely different. And, not surprisingly, I have lost 3 pounds in two weeks without the slightest effort.


Targeting men

We love men here at mirrormirror. Apart from the obvious, they are generally extremely good customers who buy lots of jewellery and write very nice gift messages.

The only problem is finding where they congregate. We always get lots of male customers whenever we are featured in the broadsheet newspapers but that doesn’t happen all that often, so I’m trying to think of ways to advertise directly to men (preferably rich).

So far we’ve advertised quite often on Popbitch, with good results, and have just taken out an ad on a political blog written by someone called Guido Fawkes (maybe not his real name?). Guido claims to have a readership made up of opinion formers and political commentators, though I suspect the bulk of his readership is made up of bored investment bankers and lawyers. Nevertheless I am confidently expecting John Prescott to place a bulk order for all of his mistresses very soon.

If there are any male readers of this blog, can you recommend any other blogs or websites with a predominantly male readership which might be good places for ‘mirrormirror’ to advertise?

(Speaking of male readers, my brother texted me earlier on this evening to say that he had indeed completed the Paris-Roubaix cycle ride in a time of 12 and a half hours. Am beside myself with admiration given that it’s been so hot today I couldn’t even be bothered to walk to the park).


Forza Azzurri

Fabio Cannavaro

Francesco ‘Top’ Totti

One of the very nicest things about being half-Italian is that one gets to support two teams in the World Cup. And that one of those teams features the quite spectacularly beautiful Fabio Cannavaro together with the quite impossibly sexy Francesco Totti.

Yum yum.


Commenter of the Week – Aunty Cookie

It’s that time of the week again!

And just to prove what a truly international audience the mirrormirror blog has, this week’s commenter is Aunty Cookie (aka Shannon) from Australia. Aunty C makes extremely cute cards and illustrations which she sells via her Etsy shop. She is always begging us to buy her stuff, so go and make her day. She also has a blog.

She sounds a bit mad if truth be told but in a nice way, which makes her a perfect mirrormirror person. I have to make her Commenter of the Week because I freaked her out last week by commissioning one of these, though it’s all a bit up in the air at the moment as I’m not sure whether we’re going to take our dining table to Seattle or not. She insists she can’t sew but those of us with eyes can see otherwise.

Hopefully she’ll pop in to tell us what she’ll be wearing on the red carpet.


Shoes as Idea II

Mine have got pale grey and pink ‘jewels’

Today I bought a pair of these.

They were far too expensive and a rather too flat for someone as short as me, but since my feet are the only part of me which isn’t currently overweight, and since I shall in a couple of short weeks be feeling stylistically challenged on the Costa Smeralda, I thought what the heck. Particularly since I am in love with them.

Unfortunately, my feet, after a long winter of neglect, appear to have been borrowed from a hobbit and in no way do justice to their shimmery beauty. Maybe I can wear the sandals as earrings instead?